Saturday, January 23, 2016

Did Trump Just Take a Poison Pill?

In the midst of the junk-bond-fueled takeover craze of the 1980's, companies that were the targets of hostile takeovers discovered a clever way to fight back: the poison pill. The whole point was to make the target company "sick" -- or just unattractive to the buyer.

Donald Trump welcomed an endorsement from Sarah "Me Too!" Palin last week -- did he just swallow a poison pill?

Since Mr. Trump entered the political landscape in June as an unlikely candidate for president, Chris Flannery of the Mandatory Sampson Podcast has insisted that his campaign was a farce. I was inclined to agree. But then the unexpected happened -- Trump began dominating the stage. This seemed all the more unlikely considering his regular insistence on public statements that would make most political strategists tremble.

According to opensecrets, Trump has only raised $5.8 million for his campaign. This pales in comparison to the $30+ million raised by most candidates (without accounting for Super-PACs). Trump also lacks a Super-PAC, which takes away from his campaign's legitimacy but has likely helped his popularity.

So with everything going Donald's way, it seems unconscionable that he would welcome an endorsement from the most embarrassing political figure of the 21st century. Mrs. Palin derailed John McCain's bid for the presidency in 2008 with erratic behavior and astonishingly incoherent speeches. She is political kryptonite.

So is the Donald sabotaging his own campaign? Only time will tell. But those of us betting against Trump have been watching his steady ascendance in disbelief -- the equivalent to betting on Steven Avery's innocence after the second episode of Making a Murderer

I'm starting to think that Trump understands something we don't.

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